They say about us…

Some comments received on the results of our missions (*)

“Yves is a very good listener, close to people, to understand and able to show huge amount of patience…”

A magician!… I know NEITHER how this proved to be possible, NOR how you did to get this result, but the fact is that you have saved us years! Thank you!

“Thank to you, Yves, we have won months of discussion together. Thank you.”

“Thank you for making this day enjoyable & bringing the group closer together. From my perspective, you have succeeded ! Thanks also for the insights you brought us !”

“Thank a lot : it was a very powerful and efficient day. People are happy (and me too)”

“Excellent work done: We clearly met the objectives and bring important clarifications in the scope & goals of our emerging group. Good job !”

“I must admit that at first I didn’t believe in it at all: I was convinced neither by the method recommended for this workshop nor by the deliverables that we hoped to be able to achieve together in this way and on this topic.. . I had great doubts as to the subject chosen by Yves and my N +1. And yet, with hindsight, I do realize that not only was it really possible and not only did we do it … but, and above all, the results are tangible and will be very useful to all of us. This is absolutely stunning !”

“Again many thanks for this pleasant afternoon’s work! We will enrich the various assumptions by looking at them from that angle. I found it very interesting, and quite rewarding. Actually, a reflection time that you never take alone. Thank you for all that, from my heart!”

“Thank you for your coaching, which helped me take a decisive turn in my new career. This was made possible thanks to your discreet but effective role as a catalyst of energy and emotions.”

“It stabilized me in my role and enabled me to take the full measure of my function and its challenges by showing me what driving forces had to be harnessed to be successful. You gave meaningful content to this role and put into useful perspective – in the context of it – what skills were useful and what the company’s expectations were.”

“I want to thank you for the professionalism, resilience and quality work that you always delivered in your mission. Despite the various problems encountered, you did attend to details, and showed undaunted courage to continue to produce high added value work. Finally, I did enjoy our discussions and your constant positive attitude.”

“Many thanks … You are great!”

Thank you for your close support. Essential for me personally and the Team”.

“Dear Yves, it’s really exceeded my expectations THANK YOU!”

“Wonderful ! It’s amazing : Yves keeps on helping us, pushes us forward , boosts us and gives us energy throughout the day ; we actually feel “pulled” by him … to realize – but only at the end – that actually, we have done almost everything alone, as if by magic … He is very good !”

“Yves, you are an extremely valuable collaborator, available and appreciated by many people in the company, and even though it was a daunting challenge, you took it up successfully; working with you has always been a real pleasure! You’ve always been very positive and I think there is a proverb that suits you perfectly: “The impossible is only the possible of the future.”

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(*): For obvious reasons of confidentiality, the people and names of the companies concerned are not published on this website. We will be happy to speak about them with you…