Effective tools
& accredited trainers

We are certified facilitators of the tools
we use and master perfectly


MBTI®– level I & II

  • Discovery and exploration of the personality type , analysis of the dynamics of the types, impacts on teams (communication, influence, making concessions , negotiating, solving problems, cooperating , tempers , handling conflicts, accepting change , …)

Conflict Management

  • TKI – Thomas-Kilmann Instrument

Mediation process

  • Certified Mediator in Civil and Commercial Mediation (Law of 21 February 2005)

Team building

  • Many funny , dynamic , serious & intelligent team game

Tools to analyze roles in a successful team, alignment of team members

  • Team Development phases (Tuckman)
  • Team functioning Analysis (TFA)
  • Belbin’s roles
  • Crossed mirror visions: Exercise “If I were you”

Développement du leadership

  • Situational Leadership (Kenneth Blanchard & Paul Hersey)
  • Master plans for structuring a vision
  • Bono’s six hats
  • Johari Windows

We are also engaged in a continuous learning process that has developed an unlimited curiosity and leads to perpetual renewal in the fields that are ours.