Bringing out the potential of individuals and teams
can take a thousand byways


We help you build new and unexpected links between colleagues,
outside the formal work context:


By strengthening what unites the groups and the sense of belonging to these.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we suggest that the participants have some energizing creative activities together. The possibilities are endless and multiform, limited only by our imagination. But it is boundless! Tell us about your dreams … We will find or create for you the activities related to them.

By contributing to creating a strong identity through having people share memories, overcome difficulties and share challenges.

We enrich our action, our programs, with lots of, at the same time, funny, serious & intelligent games, developed internally or with selected external partners. Integral parts of our input, these activities anchor the learnings through the participants’ emotions and bring dramatically out personalities and collaborative relationships. In finely chiseled debriefings we point out any learning that can be useful to the group.


To work intensively on the most sensitive aspects of human relationships,
we regularly use such activities in our missions


  • Mirror of professional life
  • Managing unexpected challenges
  • Mutual listening , group cohesion
  • Supporting the others
  • Intense interactions
  • Team roles
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Mutual trust


  • Cooking together, being an orchestra conductor, …
  • Improvisation session, music, theater , clowns, …
  • Djembe , painting together, …
  • Kin ball competition, blind walking, …
  • sailing regatta , climbing, …
  • Creating a commercial video , becoming a producer, …
  • adventure, hiking challenge, …
  • Climbing trees, …