Have you ever
thought about…?

Ask yourself questions that shake (*) to stay alert and boost your own potential, that of your team and your business.

(*) “Having half an hour of introspection, meditation, is essential every day, except, of course, when you are too busy and indeed totally overloaded as you are just now. In this case, of course, a full hour is absolutely necessary”.


Everybody makes mistakes

When did you “celebrate” a mistake for the last time?
And why not?
Why deprive yourself of such learning opportunities? Are there no means to overcome the embarrassment and reap amazing benefits from it? Have you ever thought of using humor?

Young people are important

How do you involve the “Y Generation” in your business?
They will soon steer your business. Attracting, integrating, truly and fundamentally involving them, is an urgent need today. How do you work at it?

Managing with a stress-free mind

How do you stimulate your teams to think & act freely? What do you do for yourself?
The right mix between frame and strait-jacket should be found. Indeed, how can you hope to find new ideas without leaving enough space for their multiple creative ideas to spread out? What about your creativity? What do you do?

What about conflicts in general? How do you handle them?

Quarreling with someone? Yes but why?
Most people do not really think over how they manage conflicts … They arise, and they handle them, that’s all. In our view, managing conflicts effectively and efficiently can begin by understanding that you can “play” with different “styles”, different “modes” of conflict management.

Do you have dashboards for human development?

Are they of any use to you? What do you actually do with them?
Measuring and tracking changes is of little value if you do not see what these data actually mean for the individuals themselves. Being able to capture what cannot be expressed with words and helping people develop and progress is often very poorly tabulated. The most important still needs to be done … How do you take it into account?

A clear vision to always know what the way forward is

How do you live your visions, your dreams?
When was your last appointment with yourself? What about what you had firmly decided to do? How far are you in those plans? Do you need help?

An “entente cordiale” in your company

What is the “relational tone” in your company?
Doing things is not enough as such; you should also live in accordance with your values. What are the recent actions perceived by your employees? How men and women perceive things is what matters. Would you feel quite comfortable when talking about the values of your business to a newly hired employee, in the presence of a member of your team?

Committed people who follow you

Are your teams made up of people actually involved in your business plan?
What do you offer them “in exchange”? What can they expect from you? What do you know about them? Why do you think they follow you? What is their own “internal fuel”?

Mens sana in corpore sano

Are you “in good shape”? In your head? In your body? In your relationships?
Would you say you feel “better than ever”, better / worse than “before” or “somewhere else”? Do you spend your energy on other things than your role and function? Do you allow yourself any mental and physical breaks, personal “healthy check-ups” Regularly?


You have untapped natural gifts

Do you nurture your talents ? And why not some of them ?
Who “benefits from the crime” ?
How does the value of the “shares” of your own business (your “Me, Myself & I Company”) grow? Has it been steadily going up over the years? In your eyes ? In other people’s eyes ? Does it boost the energy and enthusiasm you feel in yourself ?

Being essential and irreplaceable

Who are you exactly to your business? What do you fear?
Who would you be willing to talk about it with? Don’t you think the others think exactly along the same lines, in their own spheres? What conclusions could you draw from this?

Acting in accordance with your conscience at any time

How important is Ethics in your management?
How do you make sure you stay at any time, within the strict framework of your competencies and your roles? What do you do if / when you “get close to the edges”? Who could help you “reframe”, get the right focus again?

Taking your decisions autonomously

Do you know what your own “Rubik’s cube” is like? What limits of your “personal cage” prevent you from deciding autonomously?
Might these limits prevent you from giving your full potential in your duties and responsibilities? How then could you better draw benefit from them? What should be changed first?

Do you really know who your professional “friends” are?

Do you think you are a united, cohesive group? Which group are you talking about?
How much time and energy do you spend actually getting to know your employees? And what do they know about you, do you think? Would it be worthwhile if they knew…?

Continuous development

CFO to CEO: “What happens if we invest in our people and they then leave us ?”
CEO: “And what happens if we do not train them and they remain ?”
Are you aware of the “invisible damage” that occurs when you don’t dare to bet on people’s development ? So what ?

Anticipate, anticipate

Do you sometimes have “Ante Mortem Project Reviews”? What could you learn from them?
Simulating the death of a project “as if” it had already occurred can provide you with many useful insights. What could, for instance, be useful lessons with regard to the project you are currently working on?

Weakness as strength

Would you dare say that answering “I do not know, but I’ll find out!” can be strength? Sometimes ? Never? Do you allow yourself to say it to yourself?
Martial arts use this adage very appropriately, though… And you are also well aware that the leader cannot be expert in everything… So why do you persist? What could you gain from that?


What if?

Do you regularly ask yourself challenging open questions ?
What if this self- questioning led to new inspirations ?
What if …

  • You were able to multiply the unique potential of your teams and your business by 10 ?
  • You were able to untie the Gordian knots ?
  • You would really learn something during your training sessions ?
  • You had a magic wand ?
  • If was “simply different” or even more… “just the contrary” ?