Fascinating books & references to further discover

The Risk of Discovering …

Besides many excellent reference books about managing people and groups, here is a short selection of different, useful and exciting books that will help you explore other facets of these fascinating subjects.

They instill a new, dynamic and rebellious mindset, a new way of looking at common beliefs and can intensely brush up some of the deepest convictions … can satisfy even the most insatiable curiosity.


Forget About Management!

book01And why not? As a matter of principle, the book challenges quite a few common beliefs about people management.
Full of extremely relevant and interesting surprises, thanks to the offbeat views. This is meant to be taken as a second degree joke, of course. But maybe not that much!

ISBN-10: 274406582X

Game storming

book03A gold mine! About the art of and how to invent, create and energize the work of groups in workshops, through other stimulation means.
Extremely rich, not only with theoretical and methodological concepts, but also with lots of concrete examples.

ISBN-10: 2354561083

Being the boss without losing your soul

book02Remarkable work on the isolation brought about by power and the both fruitful and necessary questioning to “keep in the saddle” as a people leader
The fruit of a long experience illustrated with many concrete examples.

ISBN-10: 2228909564