Yves-Piette-London-03Yves Piette

Yves is a consultant in management & leadership, expert in developing human resources, organizational reengineering, in executive and team coaching, as well as in conflict settlement & mediation processes.

He founded Accenpi 10 years ago

Educated in engineering (UCL – Belgium) , and later in architecture (Vlaamse Raad – Belgium), Yves completed an Executive Program in Philosophy (Solvay Business School – Belgium), graduated as an approved mediator in civil and commercial matters (Federal Mediation Commission), and strengthened this expertise by leading large-scale international projects and managing companies.

He is familiar with large-scale business, project and team management, he has led significant ambitious organizational development missions. He is at the intersection between business consulting and training, combining the necessary skills to understand a company’s vision, mission, values and strategies and get groups to align behind that.

The numerous experiences he has intensely lived give him a unique insight in concepts such as corporate culture, change and conflict management, as well as customized coaching. Yves is familiar with other cultures: he lived in Canada for 3 years, 2 years in Luxemburg , France and the Netherlands and 8 years in Italy.


A team

Yves coordinates a team of experts forming around him a reliable, competent and loyal network. The sustainability of the collaboration results from the recognition of proven skills and mutual respect. Yves identifies which resource persons best match the specifics of the projects that will meet the needs of each mission. Yves remains the reference partner responsible for each mission.